bOUItique offers high quality clothing for women up to a size (Curvy) 3X. “OUI” is inspired by the company’s creator, whose middle name is Ouilanni. It is a Hawaiian name meaning beautiful flower. Fashion has always been the CEO passion since she was a little girl. Her mother which is a co- founder also played a huge role behind the CEO love for fashion. She was one of the many reasons bOUItique was created due to her support. bOUItique is all about helping build a foundation of confidence and self expression for women who love fashion. When the customers wear bOUItique products,  the goal is for them to feel even more confident not only in themselves, but in what they wear. bOUItique is all about making a FASHION STATEMENT, saying “ I AM HERE.” bOUItique offers limited edition apparel to all of our customers. The bOUItique mission is to take risks and make fashion your passion!